To get the answer to this question we turned to our clients and asked them to tell us why they chose us in the beginning and continue to use our services. Time and time again they gave us three reasons:

Our ability to quickly and efficiently get to know our clients' operations and cultures. We start out with the advantage that our leadership is steeped in experience managing and leading corporations and organizations and conducting a wide array of senior search assignments. We put that knowledge to work on behalf of our clients. This, coupled with a unique search process focused on getting to know our clients' philosophies as well as the people who drive the organizations makes Lubawski & Associates a true partner; an extension of our clients' organizations. The kind of relationship we strive to cultivate grows better and stronger with each subsequent search.

The timeliness with which we conduct and conclude assignments. Clients tend to hire us when they really need us. They have usually considered possible internal candidates as well as consulted their personal networks. As time marches on their need becomes more acute; that is when we usually get the call requesting our services. We respond to this urgency. We satisfy our clients' need for speed and efficiency because we limit the number of searches we will conduct at any given time. This allows us to start your search quickly and move it along. Further, we know that our clients do not want to see lots of candidates; they want to see appropriate candidates. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify the required characteristics of the ideal candidate and zero in on the right candidate universe. Our clients routinely hire the first or second candidate we present.

The cost effectiveness of our service. There are several dimensions to cost effectiveness. One was mentioned above, namely the speed at which we work. Another is our competitive pricing structure. Third is that we pay more than lip service to being your partner. How? We do not send the third and final invoice for our professional service until you hire the candidate of your choice. Our competitors don't do this; they want complete payment whether or not they are successful. Finally, we do a great deal of work for promising start-ups. For young, fast growing organizations cash conservation can be critical. In those situations we will seriously consider accepting stock in lieu of our final payment. It is good for our clients and can be very good for us.